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Silifold + Pre2Pro Travel Set - Green Energy

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Travel with toddlers made easy - this compact set is perfect for on-the-go feeding and outings!

Silifold easily unfolds to create two perfectly sized food containers suitable for every meal. The Silifold even suctions down tight keeping meals securely in place wherever you are. When mealtime is over simply fold up, lock and go - feeding out has never been more convenient! Our most comprehensive bundle complete with our innovative spoon set featuring 2 swappable spoon heads!

To begin self-feeding and larger bites, switch to the PRO spoon designed to help kiddos safely explore solids and practice feeding on their own. Swapping spoon heads is both easy and safe with a carefully shaped connection point designed to prevent children from removing spoon heads while parents can in one motion easily remove and exchange spoon heads at will.


Food-grade silicone (Silifold) Handle / plant based biodegradable and Recycled PP (Pre2Pro) Spoon heads / food grade silicone (Pre2Pro)


Product(folded): 15x10x3cm



The product is designed for parents or caregivers who are traveling or on outings with toddlers. It offers a compact and portable solution for feeding toddlers while away from home.

The Silifold can be unfolded to create two food containers, making it suitable for serving meals to toddlers. The tight suction feature helps keep the food securely in place during feeding.

The product includes an innovative spoon set with two swappable spoon heads.


Wash all components of the product thoroughly with warm, soapy water after each use.

Store the product in a clean and dry place when not in use. Ensure it is completely dry before storage to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Set Includes

1 Silifold, 1 Pre2Pro feedign spoon

Compact Convenience

Designed for the modern parent, this set is perfectly portable, making on-the-go feeding a breeze. Unfold to reveal two ideally sized containers, and when done, fold, lock, and be on your way.

Secure Suction Foot

Say goodbye to accidental spills! The Silifold suctions down firmly, ensuring meals stay put, no matter where you are.

Versatile Spoon Set

Transitioning from purees to solids? We've got you covered. With our two swappable spoon heads and easy-to-change design, your child can safely explore foods and master self-feeding.

BPA Free


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Silifold + Pre2Pro Travel Set - Green Energy


Brand Certifications

BPA Free


LFGB Approved


Eco Friendly
Work Environment

FDA Approved




· This product is designed to make traveling with toddlers easier, making it perfect for on-the-go feeding and outings.

· The set is compact and easy to carry, making it suitable for parents and caregivers who are always on the move.

· The Silifold unfolds to create two perfectly sized food containers, making it suitable for every meal.

· Suctions down tightly, keeping meals securely in place wherever you are. This feature helps prevent spills and messes during feeding.

· The PRO spoon is designed to help toddlers safely explore solids and practice feeding on their own. This encourages independence and self-feeding skills.

· After mealtime, the product can be easily folded up and locked, making it convenient for storage and transportation.

Made from Plants, For Kiddos and Mother Earth


Is the Silifold suitable for both cold and hot meals?

Yes, the Silifold is crafted from food-grade silicone, making it versatile for both warm and cool foods.

How do I swap the spoon heads on the Pre2Pro set?

Swapping is easy and safe! The spoon heads are designed with a secure connection point. Parents can effortlessly exchange heads with a simple motion, while it remains secure from curious little hands.

Are all the components dishwasher safe?

Absolutely! Both the Silifold container and the Pre2Pro spoon set are dishwasher-friendly, ensuring easy cleanup after every meal.


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