Eating Master Set (single color sets)

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A beautiful gift set to encourage new self-feeders!

The Eating Master Set contains 3 dishes and 2 suction feet designed to help little self-feeders develop their skills.

Made from all-natural, earth-friendly materials, Miniware has the beauty of ceramic dishes without the risk of chips and shattering.

The generous size and “easy-scoop” design help little ones master self-feeding with proper technique. Each set comes with 2 removable suction feet to keep bowls and plates in place and reduce mess and knock-over accidents. Simply detach as your child advances!

Materials & Dimensions

This set contains :

1 Cereal Bowl

1 Snack Bowl

1 Sandwich Plate

2 Removable Suction Feet

Why You’ll Love It :

The only true stackable self-feeding system.

Earth-friendly, all-natural, plant-based materials.

Helps children develop natural self-feeding skills.

Detachable foot reduces accidents and mess and can be removed as your child advances.

Simple modern designs and natural color palette fits into any décor.

Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

Durable and suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

Bowls and Plate / 40% Bamboo Fiber+ 40% Vegetable Starch + 20% Emulsion

Suction Foot/ 100% Food grade silicone + PP Secure disk

package box / 9.5" x 9.5" x 5.1"

Weight/ With Package 2.4 lbs

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