Modern tablewares for Kiddos

Fun & Functional

Interchangeable Parts for different ages and meals.

Modern Tablewares for Kiddos

Less Mess & Stress Free

Detachable Suction Foot Reduces incidences during the learning period.

Modern tablewares for Kiddos

Eco & Easy Care

Made with all Plant based Materials and Dishwasher safe!

Miniware for you & your minime

our story

Miniware solves problems facing modern parents who wish to raise healthy, independent, self-feeders.

Features you will love!

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Modern Tableware for Kiddos!


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Listen to our Miniwarers' Stories

I just discovered this Miniware line by Bonnsu and it’s amazing. I love the design and how you can easily stick the plates and bowls to the table. It’s also natural and non-toxic!

by Glitter Guide

We love the new product.My son Levi who will be 2 years old in 2 weeks loves to throw and is very active in general and when he eats.He likes to bang his cutlery when he eats as he likes the sound and is dropping things from his highchair still. So far the new product has held up. It is easy to clean and personally I enjoy looking at the color and design when it is feeding time. It is very appeasing to the eye. It is easy for my son to grip as well.

by Lara Backmender Brooklyn, NY

As a French/American family, meals are full of pleasure and delight in our home. We welcome our toddler son to the table to enjoy meals with us and love the beautiful and minimalist design of Miniware as well as the fact  that it is both sustainable.  We even brought our Miniware when traveling - it was amazing to have on the plane, in restaurants, hotels/Airbnb. Thank you for creating a kids' product that both parents and kids alike can enjoy!  

by Jules Shell , San Francisco

Crafted with natural materials, this dinnerware set is as environmentally friendly as it is attractive. 

by TomboyKC

The perfect size and texture for the first self-feeding! My daughter loves them and thanks to their material the food somehow sticks to them more so less goes to the floor and more to her mouth:) I do love the pastel colors as well!

by Dora Kovacs

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