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Miniware Materials FAQ

We work closely with reliable partners and materials providers, always putting safety first to give you peace of mind.

Plant Based Materials

Why are Miniware Bamboo and PLA dishes slightly heavier than plastic or bowls made from other materials?

Our Miniware line is designed to be durable for long-wear and to stand up to curious and enthusiastic children. The slightly heavier weight of our dishware adds stability and reduces spills while little ones self-feed, even without the suction-foot base.

The thickness of Miniware reduces the likelihood of cracks and allows our products to endure repeated cycles of heating and cooling over its lifetime without becoming brittle!

Is Miniware stain-resistant? Will Miniware discolor with vibrantly-colored foods?

Miniware is composed of plant-based fibers and starches so if used frequently with strongly colored food staining could occur. However, in our tests with curry and spaghetti sauce, the products did not show significant color changes so don’t worry

What is PLA?

PLA (polylactic acid) is a plant-based plastic substitute that is very durable yet eco-friendly. The PLA used to create Miniware is derived from Cassava, a low-impact, renewable resource. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing of our PLA, making them 100% plant-based, food-safe and non-toxic even when breaking down after disposal.

Is the surface glossy due to an added surface coating?

The glossy surface and soft sheen are due to the heat-based manufacturing process. No additional coating has been added. Miniware has the hard smoothness of beautiful, traditional ceramic without the risk of chips and shattering. Parents do not need to worry about bacteria or germs hiding in the all-natural material.

Is it normal for the glossy surface to dull over time? How long will it take to notice a change?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. The shiny surface is a product of heat during manufacturing and will reduce over time. With regular use, your Miniware will develop normal irregularities on the surface creating a unique, natural look over time.

After extended use, the natural fibers will slowly begin to appear. This is normal and Miniware is still safe to use. This normally occurs after 2 to 4 years of average use. Once the product is worn and ready for replacement, it can be easily disposed of, burned or placed in a landfill without fear of contamination.

Sometimes Miniware bamboo’s color is uneven. Is this normal?

Yes! Bamboo grown in summer and winter are different in color and can result in different color shading on the final product. Miniware products are created in small-batches allowing for variations from batch to batch. This creates a unique, natural look for every set of Miniware!

Is it normal that Miniware Bamboo has a grainy or rough texture in some places?

Yes, perfectly normal! Bamboo has a natural variation in grain size and some grains may extrude slightly from the surface, creating texture. This is because we do not use additional chemicals or processes to create Miniware. It’s all natural!

Still have questions about the materials we use? Please email us at