Self-Feeding Tips for 9-Month-Olds

When your baby reaches around nine months, things really get interesting! Emotionally you may find your little one to be clingy with primary caregivers and apprehensive or afraid...

Enjoy a Hassle-Free Mother’s Day Full Dinner Menu with Dishes That Taste Even Better the Next Day

We don’t know what to feel about being a mom until we become one. Moms do so much, it’s nice to have a day to recognize and appreciate...

Eco-Friendly Baby Products Help Ease the Transition into New Parenthood

How to Choose Smart Design, Sustainable Baby Products? When making a new purchase, take a moment to consider whether the baby products you’re buying will meet your family’s needs...

Miniware’s Roll & Lock silicone Bib Takes (Some) of the Mess Out of Self-Feeding Training

Weaning a baby can be bittersweet for parents. Of course, we’ll miss the closeness of breast or bottle feedings, but at the same time, a whole new world...

5 Fun Ideas to Celebrate Easter at Home for Kids

For many families, Easter is going to be very different this year. Many of the traditional activities people enjoy are on hold such as big brunches, church services...

Spring Cleaning: Eco-Friendly, Safe Cleaning Products for Babies

One thing to do before you sanitize? Clean! Learn how to make a few eco-friendly, safe cleaning products for babies on our latest blog!

The New Parent Guide to Baby’s First Steps

Miniware's list of Dos and Don’ts of Baby’s First Steps! As your baby develops, they’re gaining the strength and balance needed to keep them upright for the rest of their...

Celebrating Women’s Day: Recognizing Achievements of Women and Mothers Everywhere

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a global day of recognition of women’s achievements and to promote gender equality. We salute all women and mothers!

Customer Favorite Spotlight: GrowBento, the All Ages, Eco-Friendly Bento Box

We designed Miniware’s GrowBento Box for people like us, eco-conscious parents with growing minis who’re always on the go. This is the perfect to-go eco-friendly bento box for your family.

Going Somewhere? Check Out Our Favorite Homemade Travel Snacks for Toddlers!

Whether you’re taking a day trip or a weeklong adventure, snacks make traveling with toddlers so much easier. Take a look at our fav snack ideas for travel...

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