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Design Talk: Keeping Your Identity as New Parents

Design Talk: Keeping Your Identity as New Parents

International Parent’s Day is celebrated globally on July 26th, always on the fourth Sunday of July. Unlike Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Parent’s Day was created to recognize outstanding parents and organizations at the national and state level that support parents who sacrifice so much for their children.

As parents, we adapt and mold our lives to fit the needs of our infants. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our kids and forget that we have our own preferences, needs, and wants too! 

3 tips for keeping your identity as new parents:

  1. Purchase what you love, not what you think appeals to your baby. The accessories you choose should integrate with your personal style, not detract or distract from it!
  2. Be true to yourself. Don’t give into peer pressure from parenting or playgroups. Although young, our children absorb everything we say and do. Show your kid from the very beginning that it’s okay to just be yourself.
  3. Keep your own interests. It’s easy to fall into the routine of spending every waking moment attending to our precious child’s needs, but that’s not doing anyone any favors! Allot time for your own activities and joys. This will create a happier, more balanced parent!

You don’t have to lose your adult identity when you have a baby. You just need to know where to shop!

It’s common for children’s products to be plastered with pictures of baby things, little ducks and bears, rattles, pink or blue puffy prints. Maybe those things are fine if the baby is toting around the diaper bag, but we wanted something that showcases our style as parents! That’s why we’ve created an entire children’s line around clean, modern, understated Scandinavian design that parents and kids love.   

Miniware Designs Are Made for Parents and Children

Miniware design is more than made for just children, it’s made for parents too. We put great thought into practicality, long lifespan, and sustainability. Our GrowBento is one of our most popular products. The stainless-steel shell is durable enough to withstand years of kid’s snacks and lunches without cartoon characters and wild colors your child will likely outgrow. It’s portable, easy to clean and it’s stylish enough for mom or dad to take to work in a pinch!

Resa Bags Complement Mom or Dad’s Style

Our latest addition, Resa Bags, are made to carry everything you need as a parent without childish prints. Just sleek bags in neutral colors that complement the outfit of either parent. You should be proud to show your style without the distraction of baby products made only to appeal to babies!