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5 Realistic New Year’s Parenting Resolutions

New Year's parenting resolutions blog photo

It’s Resolution Time Again!

Time to wipe the slate clean and give yourself a fresh start. Being a good parent is hard work and it’s natural to want to be the best for your kids all while berating yourself for not living up to impossible standards. So, there’s a laundry pile and you fed them pizza twice this week, cut yourself some slack and skip being super-parent. Instead, focus on the small things you can do that will make a big difference in your kid’s life. Here are some totally achievable New Year's parenting resolutions for 2019! 

  1. Give your kids undivided attention every day. Just being with your children isn’t the same as being present with your kids. Being present means being fully focused and engaged in the moment, giving them your full device-free attention. Increasingly, we spend time behind screens capturing moments for social media or tweeting, texting, posting and tagging. Life is busy, so we multitask, but giving your child fifteen minutes of undivided attention, conversation and focus is worth more than an hour of distracted playtime. Put a cap on your workday (no email after a set time for example) and set aside some distraction-free time to spend with your kids.

Master time management

  1. Eat together. Schedules vary from family to family, but kids need to be fed on a schedule. Sometimes this means they eat before us, or with one family member but not others. Maybe eating dinner together every night isn’t realistic for your family but finding time to share food as a family is important to creating and maintaining bonds. If dinner isn’t in your schedule, try a family breakfast, brunch or lunch instead!

Plan meals with ease.

  1. Exercise more. This resolution tops most adult’s list this time of year, but kids need exercise too. Getting kids to exercise, especially if they’re not athletes, can be a challenge. Resolve to build fun activities into your time together that double as a workout. Think bike riding, nature walks, dance competitions, scavenger hunts, charity events, starting a garden or turning commercials into mini family workouts. Depending on your kids ages, you can have at least 30 mins of fun together every single day. Check out kid’s yoga and gymnastic stretching videos online which are fun for parents and kids to practice together. A simple jump rope can bring lots of fun. Creating a simple competition will make exercise more interesting for older kids and encourage them to participate.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

4. Learn a new language together. Another popular resolution among adults,  it’s never too early to get your kids started on learning a new language. Not only is it a fun activity to do together, but it can also serve them well in an ever-globalized world where being bi- or tri-lingual is a huge asset in any career. You can even set a goal of a country to visit together once everyone has reached a certain level. There are many ways to start learning together from apps that make learning a game to audio programs. Best of all, you’ll have each other to practice with in-between sessions!

Make learning a new language fun and easy. Check this out too: Gus on the Go

  1. Learn a new cuisine. Kids love helping in the kitchen. One way to spend quality time with your children is to involve them in cooking and baking projects. There are many types of kitchen tasks that even small children can help with like scooping, sifting, stirring and sprinkling. Older children will enjoy learning simple recipes and the science of baking. To add an extra level of motivation, choose a new cuisine (perhaps a future travel destination) and do some research with your child on traditional dishes and desserts. Together you can plan and execute an exotic dinner for your family that your child can feel proud of while teaching them about other cultures around the world.

10 New Cuisines You Need to Try.

There are no cookie-cutter families; each one is unique. What’s important is how we use the time we have with our families. Finding fun ways to share experiences and goals will help you build bonds and memories with your child to last a lifetime.

What are your realistic New Year’s parenting resolutions? Share them on our Instagram page!