Miniware’s Roll & Lock silicone Bib Takes (Some) of the Mess Out of Self-Feeding Training

Weaning a baby can be bittersweet for parents. Of course, we’ll miss the closeness of breast or bottle feedings, but at the same time, a whole new world of discovery awaits you and your baby! From the time your little one starts solid food with purees and cereals through future big kid meals, Miniware’s silicone bib is perfect for controlling the big messes these little people can create!

Why are silicone bibs the best bibs for self-feeding?

Easy to Clean

Miniware’s silicone bib has several features missing from traditional baby bibs. First and foremost, it’s easy to clean! Just pop bib in the dishwasher and it’s clean and sterilized for your next use.

A Big Pocket for a Big Mess

It has an extra big pocket for extra big messes. In the beginning, you’re lucky if half a meal gets in your baby’s mouth and the rest ends up on the tray, bib or floor! The wide, deep pocket on our silicone bib stops messes before they end up on clothing, furniture or the dog. Its long length also helps protect clothing and furniture surfaces, which is extra helpful when your baby becomes a cruising toddler. Think less laundry time!

Once your baby begins to master mealtime, you can use the silicone bib pocket as a safe pouch for snacks and finger foods. The long length will keep your baby’s front protected, even during naked baby time!

Perfectly Portable

Want to take the silicone bib with you? No problem!

Roll it up and go! Unroll, use silicone bib, then reroll and lock in place to safely pack messes away until you’re ready to clean up. It’s perfect for picnics in the park or dining out with baby.

Suitable for All Development Stages

From spoon-fed rice cereal to fistfuls of spaghetti, you only need one bib for all your baby’s feeding development stages. Miniware’s silicone bib is soft and has an adjustable easy-lock strap to keep the bib in place at all ages. You can also attach your baby’s favorite toy or pacifier to the silicone strap to prevent drops.

Made from 100% food grade silicone, pair our best-selling bib with our silicone Training Spoon for a durable, soft utensil that’s safe for baby’s gums and teeth.