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Eco-Friendly Baby Products Help Ease the Transition into New Parenthood

Eco-Friendly Baby Products Help Ease the Transition into New Parenthood

Of course, having a new baby is a cherished time, however, a new schedule is a struggle following the wonderful feeling of being a new parent! It sure would be nice if life slowed down when you welcome a new baby, but that’s not usually how it goes! Instead, life can steamroll parents who already have hectic schedules by introducing them to the spontaneous, ever-evolving needs of the baby!  Not to mention the guilty feeling when we toss away numerous amounts of one-time-use products, But before feeling panic, there are some parents like us, who put effort into making smart nursing tools for you.

While we can’t help with all new parent problems like lack of sleep or too few hours in the day, we designed Miniware products to help us when we became new parents. When our son Astor was born, there were no products on the market that met our needs as environmentally concerned parents. Too many baby products were single use, had a short lifespan or were made using potentially toxic methods and materials. It was important to us that we have safe, sustainable and beautiful baby tableware designed specifically to support healthy milestone development.

How to Choose Smart Design, Sustainable Baby Products

When making a new purchase, take a moment to consider whether the baby products you’re buying will meet your family’s needs over the long term.

Choose easy to clean products. New babies mean lots of extra cleaning; housekeeping, laundry, and dishes! Skip anything that requires handwashing and opt instead for natural materials that can handle temperature fluctuations. Miniware’s products are made from 100% food grade silicone and plant-based materials that can be safely cleaned in the dishwasher. Not just tableware but deluxe bibs too!

Opt for multi-use products. Life with a new baby is always changing, so purchasing products that have multiple uses is a smart idea. Can a baby food container function as something else when the baby becomes toddler? Can a product transform from one phase to the other? Miniware put a lot of thought into designing our products to adapt as different solutions you need based on the baby’s age. For example, our GrowBento box comes with silipods which can start as perfect frozen baby food storage and soon doubles as a clever to-go container for dining out or picnics. Silipods are adaptable for safely storing, heating or freezing meals or leftovers. Our most beloved 1-2-3 Sip! is another perfect example of how we easily support different stages of baby learning to sip water with cleverly designed accessories.  Just remember to  ask yourself, “can I use this product in more than one situation?”Look for a long lifespan. Long lasting, durable products just make sense when you’re juggling a new parenting routine. Instead of baby products your kid will outgrow quickly, choose products that grow with your child. Tiny baby dishes won’t last long once your baby is a “big kid” and learning to self-feed!

We designed Miniware specifically for self-feeding training, but our products work for everything from purees to finger foods and cutlery. Smart features like angled sides for easy scooping and extra space for pinching/grabbing support your baby’s natural self-feeding milestones.

Support baby’s health and the planet with sustainable, natural products. Miniware’s products are plant-based and made from sustainable materials, not toxic starch . Not only does this protect your baby’s delicate growing body and brain, but it helps us leave a lasting legacy of sustainability for the children who will inherit our planet!